Virgin StartUp distribute government-backed Start Up Loans ranging from £500 - £25,000 to entrepreneurs launching or growing a business that's under two years old in England or Scotland. We match every entrepreneur who recieves a Start Up Loan through Virgin StartUp with their own mentor.

Sir Richard Branson launched Virgin StartUp in late 2013 with a mission to promote entrepreneurship in the UK and to empower people to follow their dreams by turning ideas into businesses through access to advice, mentoring and funding.

Over the past 40 years Virgin and Sir Richard have been flying the flag for entrepreneurship - launching over 400 companies in the process. On this journey we've seen first-hand the positive impact entrepreneurship has on society; creating jobs, contributing to the economy and innovating out-of-date systems.

This is why the Virgin Group has become huge supporters of the government’s Start-Up Loans scheme and is why with Sir Richard’s personal backing, Virgin StartUp applied to become a partner of the Start-Up Loans Company to deliver the scheme across England and Scotland.

Fast-forward to today and Virgin StartUp has become one of the largest delivery partners of the scheme and has dispersed more than £16m of Start-Up Loans funding to over 1500 entrepreneurs. 



What is Virgin StartUp?


Over 40% of the entrepreneurs to receive funding through Virgin StartUp are inspiring female entrepreneurs, that’s higher than the national average and one we’re aiming to push even further.

We’ve gained huge amounts of public support for our mission to foster entrepreneurship in the UK, with 2,000 applications to become a mentor to the businesses we help to launch. This coupled with the backing of a wide range of Virgin companies means we have the opportunity to channel entrepreneurship into making a meaningful impact on the economic wellbeing of Great Britain.

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*A Start Up Loan is a personal loan for businesses purposes.  Failure to maintain repayments in line with your agreement could have an adverse effect on your personal credit report and make obtaining credit more difficult.