Start-up of the week

Every week we profile a different business that's been funded with a Start Up Loan from Virgin StartUp. View every business we've profiled here.

Bubble and Squeak Prosecco Boutique
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We've distributed over £19m to help to start thousands of businesses. These start-ups stretch from the toe of England to the tip of Scotland and span restaurants, apps, photography studios, fashion houses, gyms and many more.

Take a look at a selection of the businesses we've funded and learn what it takes to become your own boss.

Learning from mistakes

Stories of entrepreneurs failing, learning from it and coming back stronger. Read these great learnings from those that have made epic business fails. 

Why read this?

This section showcases failure from all types of entrepreneurs with stories from some of the world's best known businesses, but also early stage startups and everything in between. You get to take on board all of the learnings and none of the failure. 

One thing entrepreneurs have in common is that at one point, they failed. Even Sir Richard Branson was behind duds such as Virgin Cola, Virgin Vodka and Virgin Brides! 

How I made it

Interviews, blogs and videos from established entrepreneurs revealing their strategies for how they built a successful business. 

How I Made It - Beavertown Brewery
Why read this?

You can turn an idea into a fully-fledged business and this section is proof. All of the fantastic business stories revealed in here started with one person and an idea. As you'll see, some of them are now exporting all over the world, generating millions in revenue and giving the founder the life they dreamed of.

Every article read, video watched or entrepreneur followed via this section will give you that little bit more confidence to make your business happen.