We love a good food startup - especially the ones doing something a bit different. Sarinya Renton is the founder of Neat's, making wholesome rice crackers that taste amazing. Not only are they a fun twist on a classic snack, but a portion of their proceeds also goes to charity, so their products taste great and do good. Let's find out more!

Ground to floor 1 – Explain what your business does

Neat’s are healthier and incomparable rice crackers. Our aim is to make wholesome snacks taste nicer and snackers get healthier, as we believe that taste and quality have equal priority and can’t be compromised.

We would like to play a small part in this world to make it a better place,  and until we set up our own foundation to distribute more help to charities, we aim to donate a portion of our proceeds to a partner charity in Thailand that is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of young children in need,  some of whom have been orphaned/ abandoned by their parents or are extremely poor.

Floor 1 to 2 – Where are you based?

We are based in London.

Floor 2 to 3 – What’s the business model?

Neat’s business model is to serve two channels: major and independent retailers both online and offline, and the food service sector, i.e hotels, pubs, planes and trains.

Floor 3 to 4 – Who are your competitors?

Our direct competitors are all sorts of healthy savoury snacks, not only rice-based snacks but also premium crisps, popcorn, nuts etc.

Floor 4 to 5 – What’s your USP?

Firstly, the main feature of Neat’s is a crunchy, munchy and moreish bite which can’t be found in other rice-based snacks in the current market.

Secondly, Neat’s is a hybrid snack, well-blended between healthy and indulgent. We consider our production an art form, or at least a beloved craft, which is why we call our rice crackers 'grain-crafted'. Each cracker is made by hand, using whole grains of rice. Not only is its taste and flavour far superior to typical healthy snacks, but Neat’s also boasts 100% natural ingredients, without any artificial flavourings, colourings, or preservatives - and they're gluten-free.

Floor 5 to 6 – Where did the idea come from?

Disappointed with the number of food-like substances in the ingredients of processed snacks, and getting fed up with the mostly bland flavour of healthy snacks, my childhood memory brought me back to a classic nibble made in Thailand- these rice crackers were in the old days used as a preserved food for long journeys or during the war.

Floor 6 to 7 – How much funding did you receive from Virgin StartUp?

We have received £7,000 and would like to receive some more in the future.

Floor 7 to 8 – How are you going to use it to grow your business?

We used the funding to develop the branding, packaging and website.

Floor 8 to 9 – Who’s your Virgin StartUp Mentor?

Bobby Patel – co founder of Appy Food and Drink.

Floor 9 to 10 – What’s your workspace like?

Neats workplace

Floor 10 to 11 – Where will your business be in 12 months time?

We hope that in 12 months time, Neat’s will be selling in a large number of outlets including supermarkets, independent stores, hotels, pubs, airlines and onboard shops & trolleys of Virgin Trains! We are also working with UKTI, which is advising and encouraging us to export.

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