ConstrucTech is the new innovation accelerator supported by Virgin StartUp! We've partnered with UK construction company Colmore Tang, as part of their £10m innovation fund, to solve three of their biggest industry challenges.

This is a unique opportunity for your business to get to trial and ultimately win a contract with one of the UK's fastest growing construction companies.

The 6-week programme will provide you with access to start-up experts and mentors, to get you ready to scale your business, along with senior executives and site staff from Colmore Tang, who will help you prepare for trial and adoption.

The companies taking part have to identify how their business can tackle one of the following industry challenges:

Introducing ConstrucTech


Applications (now closed)

26 March 2018  - 31 May 2018

Preparation Day

18th June (London)

Pitch Day

19th June (London)

Accelerator programme and market trial

2nd July 2018 - 24th August 2018 (London & Birmingham)


Access to market

Access to product validation and a go-to-market strategy with a chance to pitch to Colmore Tang executives.


Access to funding and growth opportunities through Colmore Tang’s £10m innovation fund.


Access to Colmore Tang executives to understand how your businesses will work together.

Office Space

Access to office space at Virgin StartUp headquarters in London for the duration of the programme.


Colmore Tang is an award-winning construction company with over 450 years of experience working in the design, construction and development of multifaceted buildings. Colmore Tang has partnered with Virgin StartUp to find the most innovative and disruptive solutions to the challenges its industry faces.


If you're an established startup, with a validated product or service that's market-ready, with paying customers and think your product or service can address one of our challenges, then apply to ConstrucTech today!

All applications are made through F6S, register via the button below. Applications for ConstrucTech have now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The window for applications is open for 9 weeks, from 26 March 2018 to 31 May 2018. Applciations have now closed.

Is ConstrucTech right for my start-up?


We want to offer opportunities to start-ups that are looking to take their business to the next level. ConstrucTech is a programme that can help do that, because, in addition to the business support programme you’ll experience, you’ll gain access to colleagues from Colmore Tang, who can advise you on the development of your product or service. Best of all, there’s the opportunity of a trial and, if successful at trial, an on-going commercial relationship.

With the support to help you learn how to scale and the means to doing so via market opportunities with Colmore Tang, we’re sure that participants will greatly benefit from being part of ConstrucTech.

Is my start-up right for ConstrucTech?


Are you an established start-up, with a validated product or service that is market-ready? Do you have paying customers? Are you looking to scale?

Does your product or service support one or more of the challenges described?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then we’d love to hear from you.

Is there an eligibility criteria?


Yes. To be considered for ConstrucTech, you must:

be an individual or a team of individuals that has formed a company or corporation (including not-for-profit corporations and other non-profit organisations), limited liability company, partnership, or other legal entity;
be aged 18 years and over with the right to work in the United Kingdom (the “UK”) and the right to remain in the UK for the duration of the Programme;
not be employees of any member of the Virgin Group; and
have all necessary corporate approvals required in order to enter the programme. For example, if an applicant is a co-owned business, the applicant must have obtained, the prior written consent of the co-owner(s) before applying to enter the programme.

Is there a minimum age?


Yes, you must be at least 18 years old in order to apply. 

Is this a programme for UK-based start-ups only?


Absolutely not! We heartily welcome applications from across the World. That said, be mindful that, depending on where you’re from, you may need a visa, because you will be required to travel (at your own expense) to the UK for the programme.

What is the application deadline?


31st May 2018

How will my application be appraised?


Your application will be appraised against the following criteria:

Quality of Concept – an appraisal of the solution itself.
Commercial Potential – how much demand there is for this product/service? How has this been validated?
Impact – the impact this could have on solving challenges specific to Colmore Tang.
Integration/Adoption - how quickly would the applicant be able to integrate their solution into Colmore Tang’s business?
Team – to what extent does the applicant have the potential to succeed in delivering on its promise?
Suitability for the Programme – to what extent would the applicant benefit from participating in the programme and partnering with Colmore Tang?

What is the timeline for the programme?


The programme will run on the following timeline:

Application window opens – 26 March 2018   
Application window closes – 31 May 2018
Preparation Day – 18 June 2018
Pitch Day – 19 June 2018
Accelerator programme commences – 25 June 2018
Accelerator programme ends – 3 August 2018

Where will the accelerator be based?


The accelerator programme will be based at Virgin StartUp in Central London.

How much time will be required from me?


ConstrucTech is designed to facilitate collaboration between your start-up and your potential client, Colmore Tang. Your experience on the programme will be unique and tailored to meet your needs. You’ll rapidly develop your product or service, receiving essential guidance on key decisions in real time from Colmore Tang, start-up experts Virgin StartUp and outstanding mentors. You get out what you put in, so you need to be able to commit to the programme.

How much equity will I need to exchange for participation in the programme?


No equity will be taken in exchange for participation in the programme. Once the programme has ended, the details of the future relationship that could exist between yourself and Colmore Tang (such as a trial and an ongoing relationship) will be a matter to be discussed separately with Colmore Tang.

How much does it cost to participate in the programme?


Nothing. ConstrucTech is free to apply for and free to participate in.

Will all start-ups selected to participate in the programme make it to trial?


Not necessarily. Where Colmore Tang wish to pursue a trial, there may be an opportunity to access funding in order to facilitate this. However, participation in a trial is at the sole discretion of Colmore Tang. 

When will decisions on trials be made?


We welcome discussions concerning trials and the funding required to facilitate them throughout the course of the programme, however, it’s highly likely that final decisions will not be made until the end of the programme.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the programme?


I have disability requirements, who should I contact?


If you are applying for the programme, or have been selected for the programme, and have disability requirements, please contact us <LINK> and we'll be sure to make suitable arrangements.