We've teamed up with Appear Here to find space for your idea

Appear Here is an online platform that makes booking a space for your start-up as easy as booking a hotel room for your holiday.

It seamlessly connects landlords' vacant spaces to people with great ideas, all online. There are spaces on offer all over the UK, from Brighton to Glasgow and everywhere in between.  The long-term vision is to create a global network of spaces so people can make their idea travel. Retail is changing and it's important your startup is on full show in the right place, at the right time.

Why use Appear Here?

Maybe you want to test the waters before setting up a permanent location? Maybe the freedom of moving from space to space is perfect for your business? Or maybe you want to throw a one-off event or sample sale? Appear Here takes the stress out of the process by providing a carefully-curated list of unique spaces for every purpose. So discover a space to house your idea and start growing that business.

Who have Appear Here helped?

Appear Here have helped thousands of start-ups find space since launching in 2012,  including Lily Rice, founder of Virgin StartUp funded, Lexie Sport - here are her tips on,  'How to run an amazing pop-up'

Already got a space with Appear Here and looking for funding with Virgin StartUp?