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Our digital skills courses have been designed to easily and quickly teach you the necessary digital skills you need to start and scale your business. The courses have been written by experts at our partners Accenture and comprise of a series of short videos, punctuated with tasks and assessments to help you check your understanding and develop your thinking. There are six courses on offer, helping you develop skills in anything from social media to user experience, digital marketing to analytics and beyond.

The courses are all delivered online and can therefore be completed at your own pace. Accenture experts are also available via the platform to help answer any questions you might have as your work through the materials. Best of all, each course is completely free to access! Check out the full list of courses.


We will explore what analytics is, the different types of analytics and why each is important for business.

We’ll then learn the processes involved to create a successful online business, including measuring objectives, outcomes and continually improving a product and processes.

We will define segmentation and benchmarking and explore five steps to creating a measurement plan.

Finally, we’ll explore how to apply analytics, look at some challenges for businesses and how to start using Google Analytics.

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