Dentons, One Fleet Place, London

It's not hard to dream as an entrepreneur. You think your product/service is the best there is out there and you think everyone is going to buy it. It's almost mandatory to think this way - you have to be excessively confident and determined in order to drive your new business on toward success.

But is it really likely that you'll see your product stocked in Tesco, or served to passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight? For most, the answer is no, in the main because they haven't been able to demonstrate their ability to do business with their prospective buyer. There are two elements to this; you actually have to be ready and you have to understand what buyers are looking for in order to be able to demonstrate that you are ready.

Who is this event for?

  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders that want to learn more about the way procurement works in large organisations;
  • Those that hope to gain an understanding of the considerations of buyers during a negotiation;
  • Those that wish to practice their negotiation skills in a friendly and informal setting;
  • Those that wish to learn more about how one of the attending large organisations procures

Who is this event not for?

  • Those whose sole intention for participating is to pitch their product/service to Virgin Atlantic and/or one of our other participants;
  • Those that are justifying the attendance fee on the basis that they might go on to gain a contract with any of the large organisations attending. The aim of the workshop is to better prepare you for both approaching a large organisation and give you a greater chance of being successful when you do. It’s about learning, not selling.

The workshop will teach participants how procurement works in large organisations allow them to gain an insight into their decision making and learn what such organisations are looking for from small suppliers.

This valuable insight and improved understanding should help you decide whether you want to supply to large organisations, whether your start-up is capable of delivering for them and if it is, how to go about the pitch.

Following on from the main workshop, we’ll also be running a meet the buyer session for all participants. This will give you the opportunity to ask specific questions of buyers from a variety of organisations including; Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Trains, Supplair, Bidvest and more, who might even help you understand whether your product is something of interest to those organisations. 

We have designed the workshop to be as practical and informative as possible and we are confident that the sessions will have something for everyone. However, we cannot guarantee that you’ll improve your business prospects as a result of the workshop – we give you the tools but it’s up to you to use them! 

Full-day workshop focused on teaching attendees how to win contracts with big organisations.