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Get the secrets to building knockout brands which cut through the noise and bring your business to life with our branding masterclass. 


What the masterclass will cover:

Defining your brand’s purpose

What is in a brand, and why is it important? Find out how inspiring global brands overcame great challenges and the insightful narratives of how they found their purpose. The session will practically look at the Golden Circle model and explore the significance of your Why, How & What and the impact that purpose can have on your brand.

Building a powerful brand identity

What is the visual representation of your brand? With your brand purpose articulated, it’s time to create an impactful identity for your brand. Find out how leading global brands visually and verbally define theirs, and how you can incorporate the same ethos into your brand identity.

Amplifying your brand

With your brand purpose and identity on the way, it's now time to focus on the smartest way to amplify your brand efficiently and effectively. Find out how the brands you love leveraged integrated communications to great effect, explore insightful narratives of how contemporary brands have leveraged platforms, plus channels that have impacted their brand and, in turn, their bottom line. 


Masterclasses are designed for digital and will be delivered online. 

About the instructor

Scott Leonard

Scott's held leading global branding roles in his career, and has worked on some of the most renowned brands in the world including Nike, Wanadoo, the Victoria & Albert Museum, More4, Pfizer, Zipcar and Google. 

A photo of Scott Lenoard, who delivers our branding Masterclass