Time: 09:30 - 12:00

For start and scaleup founders, join this intimate Class to develop your brand strategy as you prepare for growth.   

Tell me more about this Class

Led by branding expert Scott Leonard, this Class will help you define your purpose by starting with your Why. From there, you'll build your own brand framework which you can put into action in your business today. 

Taking your brand to the next level is exciting, but it can also feel like a daunting task when trying to tackle it alone. Class leader Scott is a founder himself, so knows how to do build a brand on a budget as a startup.

This isn’t a sit back and listen type of session, although you will learn a lot, but you'll receive bespoke feedback throughout the session on your brand, and Scott will be sharing how leading global brands visually and verbally define themselves, and how you can incorporate the same strategy into your approach. 

What will I take away from the Class?

Alongside learning the smartest ways you can amplify your brand efficiently and effectively, you'll also meet other founders at a similar stage in their journey. You'll get 1 on 1 time with Scott, who'll give you clear and actionable steps for you to start building your own knockout brand, and bring it to life across your channels. 

Who is Scott Leonard?

Scott is an acclaimed Brand & Creative Director working uniquely with purpose-led organisations.
Scott started his career at the Big Issue in the 90s, which led to an award-winning advertising career over a decade. He became the Brand Director of Streetcar transitioning through to Zipcar and IPO float. Mentored on the Google Digital Experts programme and founded The Champion Agency in 2012 – the UK’s first creative agency and social enterprise.

He has created, branded and built some of the greatest purpose-led organisations both locally and globally. Scott has worked with approximately 2.5k+ entrepreneurs at start-up, scale and succession phases. He’s also a guest lecturer, mentor and instructor at the School for Social Entrepreneurs, On Purpose, Social Enterprise UK and Virgin StartUp. You’re in great hands with Scott!

Scott Leonard leads our Branding Masterclass
Scott Leonard, formerly of Nike, Zipper, Channel 4 and many more.