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Building your sales strategy is part of a growing number of masterclasses run by Virgin StartUp to give entrepreneurs the practical skills and tools they need to start, fund and scale a successful businesses.

This class is part of the Step Up Masterclass Series – for start-ups looking to scale. Click here to find out more and receive a discount on the individual admission price when purchasing the whole series.


About this class

Growing your start up from a great idea into a successful business will require you to sell the right thing to the right client at the right time, and build a pipeline of predictable sales.  Like any complex task, applying the right level of process and structure will help ensure success.  In addition, as your business grows, potential investors will pay close attention to the size and quality of your sales pipeline.

This workshop is led by Oliver Neuberger, an experienced consultant with Accenture Digital.  Oliver will take you through practical tools and techniques that will help you create a high quality sales pipeline, and sell in a more structured, repeatable and successful way.

Key takeaways

  • Understanding the difference between marketing and sales, and the handoff between the two
  • How do you bring some structure and predictability to selling?
  • How do I create a sales process?
  • How do you create and manage a quality sales pipeline?
  • How do you qualify, negotiate and win a deal?

Who is this class for?

  • You have a product or a service, and have some traction and interest in the market;
  • You are currently selling in an ad hoc way;
  • You would like to scale the way you sell, and build a pipeline of quality sales;
  • You have a number of people selling and you would like to bring some consistency.


This is a mid-level class, but you should ideally arrive with:

  • A view of what the value proposition of your product or service is;
  • A view of how you are currently selling it;
  • An idea of who you would like to sell it to, and why they would want to buy it.

About the instructor

Oliver Neuberger is an experienced consultant at Accenture Digital.  He has over 15 years’ experience creating, shaping and closing deals for clients across a range of industries.


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