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About this class

At Virgin we’ve built business after business off the back of our irresistible brand and we want to share our expertise with entrepreneurs and start-ups to help them create the Virgin’s of the future.

Having a great business idea alone is no longer enough. Customers now want to know the story behind the business, what it stands for and why they should care! It’s why so many of the best new businesses are putting brand front and center of what they do!

As a startup, it’s really important to consider what your brand stands for, what your values are and what you want to present to customers… getting this right helps shape everything that you do going forward!

You don’t need a multi-million pound budget to start building your brand either. This master class will show you how you can start to develop a brand that’s attractive to customers on little or no budget.


Who is this for?

  • You have a great business idea and want to develop a coherent brand before telling the world about it.
  • Or maybe, you’re creating a website, landing page or social media presence for your business and want to know what style will work.
  • You could be working on your business plan and want to know exactly what your business stands for and who it will appeal to.
  • Or perhaps you already have a product and want to create a brand brief that will help you design packaging for it.
  • You could already be running a business but want to get serious about your brand.


Masterclass – Course Outline

Part one – Brand Basics
- What is a brand?
- Why is a brand important?
- What is essential to a brand?
- What is your brand proposition?

Part two – Building Your Brand
- Brand checklist
- Creatively designing your brand strategy
- Building your brand

Part three – Start with ‘Why’
- ‘Why’ do you do what you do?
- ‘How’ do you do what you do?
- ‘What’ do you do?

Part four – Your Brand Proposition
- What is your brands unique selling point?
- How you can pitch your brand in 10 words?
- What is your defining brand paragraph?



You will leave knowing not only the key aspects of building a great brand but with tons of examples of other businesses that have done it successfully.
You will also have started to develop your own coherent brand proposition - what your brand stands and how you can use this to game-changing effect.



This is an entry-level class, but you should ideally come with a project or a business idea you’re ready to work on so that you can build your brand proposition as you go through the masterclass.

You might want to bring a laptop as well, so you can work along as you go through the course.



A photo of Scott Lenoard, who delivers our branding Masterclass

About the Instructor

This course will be delivered by Scott Leonard. Scott is the Creative Director at The Champion Agency, which is responsible for developing the latest Virgin StartUp brand. Here’s his bio…

Big Issue art editor (SW) at 21. Mother’s first creative hiring – co-created Creative Circle campaign of the year and Advertising Grand Prix of the Year. Headhunted to Amsterdam and co-created the world’s first branded, global multi-platform game. Moved to Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to run the Nike creative team across the Mediterranean. Back to London to become the brand guardian for Wanadoo, then creative consultant at Momentum Films. Wrote the poster Make Tea Not War that is now part of the Victoria & Albert museum collection. Lead creative St Luke’s, helped set up Albion London and then Creative Director at DNA. Joined Ogilvy & Mather as Associate Creative Partner, developed two documentaries at More 4 and created the first personalized, digital billboard in the UK. Global Creative Director for Berghaus and Brand Director for Pfizer UK. Resigned to become Brand Director at Streetcar; successfully transitioning it through to Zipcar. Mentor on the Google digital experts programme. Founded The Champion Agency in May 2012 – the UK’s only creative agency and social enterprise championing young creative talent. Guest speaker at King’s College London, On Purpose, Social Enterprise UK and School for Social Entrepreneurs.


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