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About this class

Pitching your business is the most important skill to harness as an entrepreneur. Pitching can be used to sell what you do, raise money or just explain what you do concisely. In this Masterclass we will help you become a pitch pro with your content and delivery.

This class led by public speaker and marketing expert Matt Doyle reveals the strategy and recipes for creating a rock star pitch deck. It covers what type of pitches you will need to have in your pocket and skills to deliver them.


Who is this for?

  • You have an idea but want some tools under your belt to better explain it.

  • You want to raise money with investors or get a loan but need to better shape your pitch and value proposition.



This is a mid-level class, for entrepreneurs that have an idea or have a working business (you need this to get the most from this masterclass)

You will be expected to be ready to get up and talk about your company or idea on the night. This will make sure you get the most from the masterclass.

You might want to bring a laptop as well, so you can work along as you go through the course.


Key takeaways

  • What is a pitch deck and what should they look like?
  • Types of pitches and when to use them.
  • Slider design and ordering.
  • Metrics to present.
  • Presentation skills and techniques.
  • Top Pitch deck examples teardown.
  • Overview of an executive summary.
A photo of Matt Doyle, who is the instructor on the Virgin StartUp Masterclass called Marketing 101

About the Instructor

This course will be delivered by Matt Doyle, Matt is the CEO at Launchcloud.

Matt is an expert in software product development. He has run product teams to build apps in Dallas, San Francisco and London.

Matt is the CEO and founder of Launchcloud a B2B data collection and automation tool for teams. Launchcloud is used by big brands like Coke, The Woodland trust and Nintendo to collect market intelligence. Matt and the Launchcloud team attended a Techstars based business execrator in the USA so are very familiar with intense pitching and hustling. Launchcloud is a Virgin Startup funded business and Matt has continued to contribute by been at Virgin as an ambassador, speaker, mentor and writer.


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