What makes a great business idea?

For budding founders, visionaries, innovators, and big-thinkers, we’ve never had so much opportunity at our fingertips. Technology provides a free flow of insights, information and wild reach, and data gives us the tools to understand it all. Sometimes, it can feel that there are too many ideas and too much noise to focus in on what it is you want to build. To help you cut through the haze and see the light, we're going in on what makes a startup idea worth pursuing. 

At Virgin, we've spent the past 50 years building incredible businesses, and Virgin StartUp have helped thousands of founders make their ideas a reality. So we know what it takes, and what you'll need to overcome as a founder. 

For some, the barrier to starting up is a lack of funding, knowledge, networks or time. For others, it's about the spark that gets everything else going. It's about finding the right idea. 

To round off this year , we are sitting down with three remarkable changemakers, who will share how they found their great idea and what they did to bring it to life - and how just maybe, you can do the same. 

Sign up for our free MeetUp, bring along your team, co-founders or anyone else you think will benefit, and let's start planning for a positive and thriving 2023.

After the panel there’ll be a chance to meet with each other and the Virgin StartUp team, where we’ll answer any questions you have, and hopefully provide a dose of much needed optimism and inspiration to take away into your business.

Thanks to our partnership with Virgin Money, we’re able to make our MeetUp events free to attend, providing thousands of early-stage founders with the support they need to start and scale businesses in the UK.

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