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Join us for our next MeetUp supported by our friends at Virgin Money, as we talk sustainability, and find out the driving change in the £60 billion UK fashion industry.

Featuring sustainability supply chain experts Bendi, ethical kids clothing brand Petit Pil and zero-waste startup Arkdefo on the panel, join hundreds of other founders as we uncover how startups are leading innovation in an industry where consumer demands and environmental concerns are forcing new ways of thinking, plus how to apply these insights across industries and sectors.

The world is paying a high price for clothes. At scale, the fashion industry is notoriously damaging to the environment, using vast amounts of water for production - equating to almost almost 20% of all global waste water, pollution through plastic waste, and non recyclable materials.

But things are changing.

Brands large and small are moving away from fast fashion models, embracing new sustainable production methods and producing fewer garments which last longer.

Whilst innovation in the industry is driving all-new material development and a boom in sharing, swapping and second-hand economies, startup brands are vying for the attention of a more conscious consumer.

At this MeetUp we want to show you how to build sustainability into your business from day 1, and how to design brands which appeal to a new generation of shoppers.

Whether you're building a fashion and retail brand and want to make sure it's protecting the environment, or you want to know how to embed sustainability into any type of new business, grab your free ticket and take a seat at our digital event.




What is a MeetUp?

Our MeetUps are designed for digital, and free to attend. A time for our community to come together, learn from experts, founders and each other, to find inspiration and guidance, and to come away with practical solutions to act on. 

Alongside the panel discussion, there’ll be a chance for audience questions before we break out into post-panel sessions, where you can take time to reflect on the interview, explore the themes of the discussion, ask questions of each other and learn more about Virgin StartUp.

Thanks to our partnership with Virgin Money, we’re able to make our MeetUp events free to attend, providing thousands of early-stage founders with the support they need to start and scale businesses in the UK.

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i. Speakers and attendees are subject to change and we do not guarantee that any specific speakers or participants will appear at the event. However, we will always try to find a suitable replacement if one of our key speakers or participants is unable to attend.

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