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How to scale your culture and find the right people.

“People come first” - Richard Branson

Without its people, our businesses aren’t anything. As founders of new startups, you’re the beating heart and soul of your business, and how you build it will reflect your culture, values, practices and design. 

Once you start to grow and hire people, maintaining and scaling the unique culture you’ve built is difficult. 

As a founder, how do you stay true to your values and find partners and staff who share them? How do you help new team members create new working cultures which compliment yours? And what do you do when this goes wrong? 

Our panelists will share their experiences on leading growing teams and building a resilient and inclusive workplace culture, and what mistakes to avoid as you do the same. 

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Molly Johnson-Jones, CEO and co-founder of Flexa

Molly Johnson-Jones, CEO and co-founder of Flexa, built her business in 2019 with a mission to make flexible working available to everyone. 

After being fired when she asked her boss to work from home 1 day a week due to an autoimmune disease, Molly set out to make sure people could find teams that were more inclusive and understanding. 

She will reveal why transparency of a companies’ flexible working policies is so important for potential applicants that need alternative working hours to the traditional 9-5 in an office, especially those who live with disability or chronic illnesses.