Reward based crowdfunding is becoming more and more popular with all types of startups as a way to raise funding. It doesn’t require winning over investors (or giving away equity), it gets attention for your startup, and it helps you tap into an audience of loyal customers who will hopefully stick around long after the campaign comes to an end.

Whether you want to fund your startup entirely through crowdfunding or use it as a stepping stone to winning over investors or the bank, come and join us for an evening of sharing knowledge

Antonio Weiss - Co-founder Thomas Clipper

Thomas Clipper make precision-engineered, all-metal, double edge safety razors: substantial to hold for a perfectly balanced shave, and built to last. Founder Antonio Weiss raised funding for this project through crowdfunding He'll be on hand to share the story of how he made it all happen. 

• Founded in 2014 in London with a mission to make every man's morning better through British design, world-class craftsmanship and meticulous sourcing.

• To date, Thomas Clipper has shipped to over 35 countries worldwide.

• Thomas Clipper has had three successful five-figure Kickstarter campaigns. Every product is made in small batches by world-class artisans.

• Available at Fortnum & Mason in London and The Rake online.



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