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Scaling up a business is all about momentum. Scaling up at a speed beyond your company’s capabilities can result in missed opportunities and funding issues, but scale too slowly and you could give your competitors the advantage. Start-ups, scale-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs need to find the perfect balancing act. While it might seem tempting to drop significant amounts of money on things such as snazzy websites, design and marketing, these are the things you could be saving money on. You don't need a website with bells and whistles; you need to focus that money on improving your product, rather than spending thousands on features that are decorative.

Join us as we speak to three entrepreneurs who have started and scaled their businesses and sharing their knowledge on how to figure out what tools you could use and when is the right time to use them.

Jamie McCloskey, Co-Founder of LOVE CORN

Jamie is founder of LOVE CORN the UK's first Premium Roasted Corn brand. His delicious crunchy corn kernels are packed with flavour and made with love. Vegan, sugar and gluten free - LOVE CORN is available across 2,000 stores nationally.


Louise Palmer-Masterton -Founder of Stem + Glory

Louise Palmer-Masterton is the founder of Stem + Glory restaurant. She has two sites in the city of Cambridge and is set to open a third in London later this year. It’s a plant-based restaurant serving gourmet vegan food from locally sourced ingredients. They make 100 per cent of the dishes on site and also have a vegan bar. Louise is also the founder of CAMYOGA also based in Cambridge with 22,000 users and an excess of £1m revenue.

The spark for the restaurant came when one of the CAMYOGA studios moved from the outskirts of Cambridge into the city itself in 2016. Louise felt that the space presented a great opportunity to open a café next to the studio so she launched a crowdfunding campaign where she raised over £97,000 in 21 days and Stem + Glory opened its doors in October 2016. With a second space opening in November 2017 and after raising £631,490 Stem + Glory will be opening in the capital later this year.

Freddie Blackett - Founder of Patch Plants

Patch Plants, a London-based company that makes it easy for city folk to choose, purchase and keep alive their own urban garden. Since the company launched in  April 2016, Patch Plants has hand-delivered plants and accessories to over 25,000 Londoners and helped them keep them alive with a free plant-parenting course and lots of plant-care tips on their website and social media. In 2017 Patch was awarded a seed investment of $1.1m.


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