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Ben Branson, founder of trailblazing drinks brand Seedlip, leads the lineup of our July MeetUp on how to start and scale a food and drink brand, supported by Virgin Money. 

Food and drink startups are becoming ever more popular. The appeal and relevance of great products in the foodie world means more and more founders are vying for consumer attention and supermarket shelf space. In a saturated market, how do you stand out? And if you manage to break through, how do you grow your business and operations to ensure you can keep your customers happy? Join Virgin StartUp in July as we find out how to start and scale a food and drink brand at our next MeetUp.

Ben Branson - no relation to Richard, but clearly sharing the same entrepreneurial gene - started the category-defining Seedlip: the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs drinks brand. Not satisfied with being the non-alcoholic alternative to traditional spirits, Ben set out to create an aspirational brand which people would want to experience regardless of whether they were looking for something alcoholic or not. Touted as one of the Top 50 most influential people in food and drink by The Telegraph, Ben has racked up extensive knowledge on the food and drink sphere, which he’s excited to share with founders at our MeetUp. 

Joining Ben is Vivien Wong, co-founder of Little Moons, which, after launching in 2010, went viral on TikTok and Instagram during the pandemic after rebranding in 2018. Seeking out the mochi snacks in supermarkets became a social media trend and propelled the brand to stardom overnight, and sales have risen by 700 per cent since December 2020, with retailers working hard to keep them in stock. Since then, big players have been falling over themselves to try and emulate the success of Little Moons as the Japanese snack gains popularity in the UK. 

Our final speaker is co-founder and COO of The Vurger Co., Neil Potts. Vegan comfort food is now big news, but Neil’s one the pioneers you have to thank for it. Innovative in their time, The Vurger Co. created the vegan dream: amazing food that just happens to be vegan. Their restaurant chains have gained fans up and down in the UK and in 2020 they secured £1.4m investment to open more locations and meet the ever-growing demands of plant-based diners. 

If you want to hear from three food and drink pioneers with unique perspectives on getting food and drink startups to market, to international audiences and to scale, grab your free ticket, get ready to network with like-minded founders and come armed with a notepad and pen - you’ll need it. 

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