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Get ahead for Founder Friday 2023


Founder Friday is a national campaign from Virgin StartUp to mark the most entrepreneurial day of the year.

Is 2023 going to be the year?

Are you a future founder? You're not alone. 1 in 4 UK adults are thinking of starting-up in 2023, and we know the first week of January is the time when most budding entrepreneurs will be working on their new business idea. On 6th January we opened up our expert business advice line to budding founders to help them get ahead this year. 

Founder Friday is over for this year, but join out newsletter to find out how to bring your new business idea to life in 2023. 

Free Download the Business Plan Template

A good business plan is the foundation of any great business, and can help you with defining how you're going to bring your new venture to life, what plans you've made, and how you're going to manage the financials. A business plan can help you secure funding and bring on new parters, and is something you can refer back to on your journey to check in with your objectives and business goals. To get started, simply fill in the form below and you'll be sent to the next page to download the template. Once you have, save a copy of the document first before you start work on it. 

Download your free business plan template
How to write a business plan with Sam Lehane

WATCH: How to write your business plan

Download the business plan template, grab a cuppa, and let Virgin StartUp Head of Operations and founder himself, Sam Lehane, talk you through how to create a brilliant business plan for your startup. 

Viewing time: 10 minutes. 

January is the perfect time to start a business. Start the new year by setting yourself a goal for 2023. Find a mentor who can help hold you accountable and make the most of the free business advice line on Founder Friday.
James Coughlan
James Coughlan, founder, Reef
Virgin StartUp is very good at connecting you with the right mentors at the right time, so if you are ready to speak to someone who is an expert in your field, then see if Virgin StartUp can help. The New Year is a good time to get started!
Jeroo, founder of Pip and Henry
Jeroo Doodhmal, founder, Pip and Henry
Take the first step, it's always the scariest. There's no other way to achieve your dreams than by taking action. You can figure it out along the way.
Victoria from Alpaca Coffee
Victoria Poon, founder, Alpaca Coffee
Don't wait for the perfect time to start a business. It doesn't exist....the time is now
Founder Nicky received a Start Up Loan from Virgin StartUp
Nicky Bentley, founder, Crown Connective

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Did you miss out on booking your call?

To make sure as many budding founders get support in January, we're holding a free MeetUp online on How to Start A Business in 2023 for anyone looking to start or grow a new venture. With a panel of experienced founders, and the chance to network and meet others on the same journey as you, our MeetUps are a great way into the founder community, and you'll get the chance to meet the Virgin StartUp team too.