How to attract people to your street food stall

The UK is at the centre of a food revolution. People are more adventurous, more conscious of where their food comes from, and changing the way they consume. And a massive part of this is street food stalls. Now you can find a food stall for every cuisine imaginable, and more and more people are taking the plunge to start one up. But with such fierce competition, how do you stand out from the competitors?

Lee Chau Le is a private chef and the founder of Daa Chunky Budda, selling awesome Vietnamese-fusion street food with attitude at street food festivals across the UK. He’s built up a loyal customer base and a following on social media thanks to his delicious wares. We spoke to him about how you can attract more customers to your food stall.

How can you stand out from the stalls around you?

Making your stall look good is great, but bottom line it’s all about the food. The first thing is to make sure you master your product and know what you cooking up. At the end of the day, people will see through gimmicks like fancy decorations if the food isn’t high quality.

What is your unique selling point that makes customers choose you over competitors?

I feel like my customers come back to me because i first let the food do the talking, and also because they find that I'm a chef who love to make different dishes and mix it up. As more and more food stalls start up they can seem a bit bland, but you won’t get that with me!

Do you get a lot of repeat customers?

Yes I do - after talking to me and building a relationship with my customers, around 75% of the time they come back to me. It’s important to connect to the people you’re selling to, and helps them to remember you and your food.

Is social media important for your business?

To me, yes. I use Instagram for all my food to get people excited about eating it, but it also lets my customers get to know me more too.

How can you persuade people to try your food among so much choice?

I don't do discounts unless I build a really good connection with my customers. I think the key thing is knowing what sets your menu apart, and why it brings people to you. In my case it’s not your common street food menu, so I think people are intrigued and it gets them trying new things.

Do you mix things up or stick to what you know works?

I don't do well with rules! I love to mix things up as I can’t stick to the same item for years.

Any other tips for entrepreneurs looking to set up a food stall?

My main tip is to make sure you’re ready to work very hard, with no time to play.

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