In just a few years Beavertown Brewery’s beers have become amongst the most popular craft beers in London (and beyond) – lovingly crafted, beautifully designed, and with well-earned spots at pubs and festivals across the country. Here, founder Logan Plant shares his business journey with us.

How I Made It - Beavertown Brewery

Ethos – All about the beer, but more than just a beer.

Our beers are driven by quality and the people that make them. Consistency and stimulation are key and they are all about personality. They have a heartbeat and are tactile. In our eyes they are living, breathing entities not commoditised, industrialised units on a spreadsheet.

Brand – Be the Unicorn!

Differentiate: Be a one-off. The beer market is crowded, so we wanted to stand for something that was true and honest but absolutely a pure representation of us as people and brewers.

Define: What do you stand for? Be honest to yourself. If you don’t love and believe in your beer who else will?!

Consideration: The upmost care and attention must go into every piece of the jigsaw from the beer concept, recipe, ingredients used to the execution of the brew day, the fermentation process, packaging quality and design of artwork. The service levels to our customers is also absolutely key. We want to build great relationships with our drinkers and our accounts, this is about forming trust and therefore hopefully longevity in the market place.

Conviction: Brewing is a blank canvas, what we can achieve through fermentation and infusion knows no boundaries. Therefore, we attack the open space and aim to thrill, stimulate and take people on a journey. We brew with absolute conviction and execute every step of the way to the highest standards possible.

How I Made It - Beavertown Brewery

People – Everybody here amounts to everything.

We are Team Beaver. We are all leaders throughout the day, from conception of recipe to the beer touching the drinker’s lips. Each and every one of Team Beaver has a massive role to play on the beers journey to the drinker. This is supported by two key aspects - our Culture and Community.

Culture: The working environment at the brewery is essential and is maintained and developed by the mindset of the team. We look to recruit not just the right person through experience and knowledge but also the right kind of personality that will complement the team at large. We really try to enhance ‘Positive Ownership’ of the brand. All members are encouraged to work events such as Tap Take Overs and Meet the Brewers where they get to converse with the drinker and bring the brewing experience to life but also create that essential relationship with the drinker. Again, this is more than just a beer. We set out to be an employer of choice and to give back to our team. We have done this by initiating private health care cover and life assurance for all, a pension scheme, and becoming a London Living Wage employer.

Community: This is all about our connection and interaction to our locality and its people. In Tottenham we work alongside many local producers and businesses. Our tap room is open every Saturday from 2-8pm, where we invite the public in to our ‘world’. They can drink fresh from the source, talk the team if they have questions, meet the brewers and take tours around the facility. All this is about building relationships, creating a hub and becoming part of the community at large. We want that bond with the people and we want to bring the beer to life. Beavertown is more than just a beer.

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