Recipes for success: Simon Preece of Elmwood

We asked leading entrepreneurs in the UK for their recipes for success when starting a business – how can you get the mix just right?

Simon Preece is the Director of Effectiveness at Elmwood Design – officially the world’s most effective brand design consultancy - so he knows a thing or two about building an amazing brand. Here’s his recipe for success.

“As a brand, you need to think about what a customer will do when they see it,” he advises. “What does it make them feel – and what do they want to do as a result? So what you have to do is four things. You need to stand out, stop people and get their attention – make them see your product. Engage; be interesting and intriguing so they want to go near it. Then you have to attract – the product has to have something interesting aesthetically, emotionally or rationally. Finally, you have to reassure – what’s the rational or emotional reason for the customer to buy? Stop, engage, attract and reassure.”