10 minutes to a logo, landing page & POS

Gone are the days when setting up the first stages of your business would take you shedloads of money and time. Virgin StartUp business advisor Ben Keene believes that you can set up the first vital parts of your online business – a logo, a landing page, and a point of sale – in just 10 minutes, thanks to the popularity of cheap and simple resources that look professional and take just a fraction of the time. Here’s how it can be done.

10 minute countdown: Squarespace logo

When starting up, don’t get bogged down in everything having to be perfect or spend too much money on things such as logos and business cards right off the bat. What you need is a logo that is simple and does the job, for now – and you can create one in minutes.

Squarespace’s logo tool allows you to use a wide range of simple images as the cornerstone of your logo. First type in your business name; then search for and select an image which most fits with your logo, whether that's a simple geometrical shape or  something more specific. You can then customise size, font, colour and positioning of the image in relation to text, save, and get going. Without a bewildering array of choices - and operating on the principle that sometimes the simplest and cleanest logos are the most memorable - you really can get up and going in just a couple of minutes. Not a fan of the options available here? There are other options too - find one that's right for you here.


7 minutes to go: landing page

A landing page is a one-page website that allows people to sign up for more information or to purchase a product quickly - and having a simple, good-looking one is easy to do. It's a good first step to gauge interest in your product before committing to creating a huge website, as you can get people signing up to a mailing list or track traffic on Google Analytics. As with the logo above, simplicity is key here.

Striking.ly doesn't require code, technical know-how, or heaps of time. You simply sign up, pick the pre-made theme most suited to your business, customise the images and text, and you're good to go. One sweet-looking landing page - just add your logo and talk a bit about your business. Now potential customers have something to sign up to and somewhere to find out more about what you do.


2 minutes left: taking payments

Options for taking payments have been around for a while. You can take payments over the phone, use Paypal - or you can use one of the slick new generation Point of Sale (POS) options, such as Go Cardless.

Signing up to Go Cardless is very quick, and you can link it to your landing page. Say a little bit about your product, include a "Purchase now" button, and people can just about instantly start buying your product from your landing page.

That means that in just about ten minutes (give or take) you can go from no logo to having a professional-looking landing page from where people can sell your product. Or if you're not ready for that, you can have a logo and landing page that talks about your business, gets people interested, and lets people start signing up for more information. Most importantly of all - you're on your way!



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