Disruptors: the best route to entrepreneurship

No two routes to entrepreneurship are the same. Whether your entrepreneurial streak started at school or university, whether you did an MBA before starting up, or whether you turned to entrepreneurship after gaining experience elsewhere, there’s no right or wrong way to do things.

Virgin Disruptors events bring together thought leaders to discuss and debate on global issues. One of these issues is the future of education, and whether the traditional pattern of school – university – job is still relevant in our entrepreneurial age. Is it better to go it alone as soon as possible – or could an MBA be the secret to success? To debate the issue, three Virgin StartUp-funded businesses talked about their own paths to running a business, and shared useful advice for entrepreneurs on any route. Watch the video below.

David Humpston – Viewpoint Videos

Started business after A-levels

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I wanted autonomy and to create something others valued.

“You could £30,000 of debt when you’re not sure what you want to do in life, and spending three years doing something that might not be of value.

“It’s important to learn that failure isn’t the end – I’ve had failures just in building this business up. It’s okay to fail.”

Jens Hannibal – O-Food

Did a Masters degree in entrepreneurship

“Doing an MA in entrepreneurship was a natural step – I wanted to do a Masters degree in something that would prepare me for the inevitable day I started my own business.

“It’s important to have the right team in place in order to get ourselves off to the best possible start. I would have taken a long look at my own strengths and weaknesses.”

Imarni Ashman – Imarni Nails

Worked at Nails Inc for five years before starting up alone

“When you start up, it can feel quite scary – I would say not to panic so much and just do it!”


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