Using the right tools can do wonders for your company’s social media marketing. We asked Manjit Singh Sohal of MyShaadi – a wedding planning platform that allows couples to easily find and communicate with wedding suppliers – for some tips on how they can help small businesses to fulfil their social media potential.

Launching MyShaadi

Wedding planning is a pain! I know because I’ve been involved in organising and planning three close family weddings, including my own special day.

At any one point I would be in communication with three or four suppliers, asking each different questions and requesting comparable quotes. Each supplier would provide something different than the other, so I would spend time going back and forth requesting changes or negotiating on the price.

This led to the idea of MyShaadi – a digital wedding platform designed to help the busy wedding planner to quickly and easily discover suppliers, compare quotes and find special promotions to help them plan their perfect wedding.

The MyShaadi app is available for free on iOS via the app store and on Android via Google Play. It offers users a wide range of features with more being developed and added on a regular basis.

Launching MyShaadi was extremely challenging, as is the case with any new startup. There are lots of jobs to be done, from managing finances to designing and building a product. Usually, the most overlooked aspect of a successful launch is the social media strategy.

When planning the launch strategy for MyShaadi, I knew social media would play a key role in brand awareness. But with a full-time job and a young family on my plate, most people in my shoes would find themselves running out of leftover hours in the day.

Picking the right channels

You don’t need to use every social media platform under the sun to get your business noticed. Not all channels carry the same weight and sometimes this varies for different industries.

When researching social media platforms for MyShaadi, I found that a lot of wedding suppliers have a heavy following on Instagram and remain very active on it. As these are the kind of companies MyShaadi needed to appeal to, it was important that we were active on it too.

I also identified Facebook and Twitter as key channels that we would be using. Primarily because they still have such a large user base, while the app users that we were seeking to target would most likely be actively using these channels as part of their wedding planning.

The great thing with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is that the channels can be linked together. So when posting something on Twitter, it can automatically be posted to the other channels and visa versa.

Using the right tools

In every business success book I’ve read, one of the key messages has been to ‘Work smarter’. That’s where using the right social media tools comes in.

There are a lot of useful resources and sites out there that can help save time and improve the performance of your social media campaigns.

Here are some of the tools I use with MyShaadi:


This is a great tool for publishing to multiple social media accounts, as well as scheduling posts for the future. I use Hootsuite a lot; every few weeks to a month I typically spend a day planning all of our social media posts. This saves a lot of time and also keeps our social media channels fresh with new content.


Short for “if this then that”, IFTTT allows users to easily connect their social media accounts together. For example, you can create an applet to automatically email you a digest of Instagram photos posted near you.

There are some great integrations that can be used here to help save time. I use IFTTT for:

  • Posting Instagram business photos to our Facebook page and Twitter.
  • Getting notified in Slack when an Instagram picture is added with the hashtag ‘#Myshaadi’. This ensures we always know when we are being mentioned.


Hashtagify can be used to easily identify and gauge the popularity of top hashtags to use within your posts. This ensures you will get as much exposure as possible. I use Hashtagify before posting anything to social media, as it allows me to pick out the hashtags that can help my posts to be seen by more people.


Canva is a web-based design tool for creating presentations or social media graphics that has a variety of templates and graphic elements to choose from. I use Canva to create Instagram pictures and blog post images in various sizes. It can be used on the go or as an alternative to Photoshop or Illustrator when in need to quickly put together an idea for a graphic.

The free plan is great for startups as it offers loads of content, design layouts and stock images, while it is perfect for those who don't have access to graphic designers.


Unsplash is a fantastic resource providing high-quality, curated images taken by professional photographers from around the world. There are tens of thousands of royalty-free images, meaning you can do what you want with them in your own personal and commercial projects. Images can be picked from a range of subjects, helping users to provide inspiration for their social media content.

I use Unsplash to source images for our website and social media content. It has allowed us to save money from not having to pay a photographer or use a paid stock library, such as Shutterstock or Getty.

Using the above-mentioned tools as part of our social media plan for MyShaadi has really helped save a tonne of time, as well as money! They have allowed me to streamline the process that begins with formulating an idea for a post and ends with hitting send, while also maximising the potential of each and every post.

I’m sure there are a lot more tools out there and more will be developed all the time. So it’s always good to keep a look out for new tools that may help you improve your campaigns.

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