Instagram is rapidly increasing in popularity with businesses - it's not just for sharing photos of your brunch. A well-placed pic can say more than words - and with a large character limit in the captions it means you can talk about your brand, provide more info, and direct people to your product or website.

One VSU-funded business doing amazing things on Instagram is Ro Co, creators of beautiful terrariums and planters. We're huge fans of their aesthetic, and they've built a truly impressive and engaged Instagram following. Here are some tips on how they did it - and check out their beautiful feed here.


How long has the Ro Co Instagram been running?

Since August 2014.


How often do you post?

It varies, but not that often, usually two or three times a week.


How do you decide what to post - is it spontaneous or do you plan it?

It's completely spontaneous in terms of content, but we do consider the time of day that we post. We tend to post images that inspire us (and therefore hopefully our audience) rather than anything too sales-related.


How do you increase the reach of your posts?

We used to use hashtags when we had a really small following, but we don't tend to any more unless the photo is specifically relevant to an event. It's something we should probably do more, though. Timing is definitely an important factor, and we find weekends and evenings the best time to reach our audience.


Do you have brand guidelines or a certain aesthetic you try and keep to?

It's just me and Rose so we don't have any guidelines per se, although we would avoid posting anything too personal or irrelevant to our company. When it comes to out aesthetic, the more green the better!


Have you ever tried an Instagram competition or advertising, or would you in future?

Only through a third party, such as blogger or with one of our stockists. We would do it in the future, but it would have to be done tastefully and as subtly as possible.

Any tips for businesses not sure where to start with Instagram?

I would say to try not to spend too much time worrying about it. Just share the things that inspire your business and let the growth of your following be as organic as possible. Make sure to engage with your audience: reply to comments, acknowledge that they are supporting you.