When it comes to selling your product, getting people interested before your launch is a vital element. It means you'll hit the ground running, with a ready-made customer base looking forward to getting their hands on your product. So it's worth thinking about how to get those first consumers engaged, and putting a plan in place. One business that knows the value of engaging customers pre-launch is Attollo, a new lingerie brand creating beautiful underwear for D+ cups sizes. Here, founders Fleurette and Alice talk about  their pre-sales strategy.

Attollo has been almost a decade in the making. Not literally, but that’s almost the amount of time we’ve spent hating the bras in our sizes! Aged 14, we were already D+ cup sizes and far from pleased with the frumpy, grannyish and boring bras we had to wear.  As we passed through the teenage years, the problem got worse - surrounded by friends discovering pretty and feminine underwear, we were miserable with our plain, frumpy, and unflattering bras!

Fuelled by our passion to finally own beautiful underwear in our true bra sizes, we decided to take the plunge and found our own brand. Attollo was born! The name means ‘I lift up, I raise, I excite’ in Latin, and that’s exactly what our bras do! Attollo lingerie is designed to help women with small band and large cup sizes celebrate their bodies with beautiful and flattering bras. We did some market research and found that 4 out of 5 D+ women don’t like the bras available in their size - we were desperate to change this! We are a brand designed wholly by the D+ customer.  Our first range is co-designed by 100 women from our customer waiting list.


Our 5 step pre-sales strategy


We plan to be the best D+ lingerie brand. To do that, we need to launch with a bang, therefore we have taken our long start up journey to really discover what works for us, what doesn't, and what the best ways are to engage with our future customers. Here are our tips and tricks on pre-sales strategy and why we feel more confident launching on the back of it!

How to gain customers before you start selling
Founders Fleurette and Alice celebrating Attollo appearing in Vogue!


1. Getting out there

Our brand is all about women, their lingerie and their confidence.  Networking events, market research and being panellists at events have been a great way to spread the word about Attollo and meet even more potential customers. These have helped us gain crucial insights into what women want from our brand. Speaking to women in person gives us raw, unedited data about what they really want from their underwear and how we can make Attollo the best brand possible!


2. Building our squad

We’ve been lucky enough to have our products featured in Vogue and GQ! As well as being incredibly exciting for us (a bit of an understatement- there were squeals and jumping at Attollo HQ!), we’ve been contacted by future customers who saw us in the magazines and can’t wait to wear our underwear!

Before Vogue was published, we had our website revamped so that there was a shiny new place for customers to reserve their favourite sets for free. This is giving us valuable data about the most popular styles and sizes, which will influence our production order.  It also means that we have excited customers-in-waiting, ready for when our products launch! We can wait to contact them first when our rage is available later this year.

Data capture has been an important target for us. We’re using the time before we launch to learn as much as possible about our future customers and where they like to see us! Learning what works in terms of what social media platforms are converting best and what magazines are reaching women that are interested in Attollo will be really useful when we have products available to buy.


3. Getting social and being reactive

We tend to focus our social efforts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, alongside our blog. For us, social media has been the key channel for gaining product reservations on our site, gaining new B2B contacts, accessing customers in the UK and around the world and it’s been a tool where we can reach out to our future brand advocates. Social media is also an excellent tool for PR; responding and being reactive to what is in the news, and what is being spoken about amongst our community is key to pinpointing who our ‘Attollo Girl’ is. We can create the brand through imagery much more effectively than we would without it. As a pre-sales strategy, social media has given us pre-sales of our lingerie!


How to gain customers before you start selling


4. Getting hands-on

As trained professional bra fitters, we adore helping women find our their bra size and letting them know which shapes will suit their fabulous bodies! We’ve found that many fitters tell a women a size, but don’t explain why it works for her, so she doesn’t learn what to look out for when shopping on her own - bra shopping can be pretty daunting! It’s our job to change that! Everywhere we go, we’re ready to fit anyone who wants to know more about their boobs. It’s been really important to us that we improve education around bra fitting and help women build confidence in talking about their bra fit. Although we are pre-launch, we have already started to do pop-up bra fits, both with individuals and at events. This is helping to spread word of mouth about our story, our brand, and that we’re coming to mix up the D+ lingerie market with a bang!


5. Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Monde

We’ve had a long run up to launch, but we’re using the time to learn, learn, learn about what will work when we do start selling. We can’t wait to share Attollo with D+ women and solve all their bra problems in due course. With big plans for Attollo, nothing will stop us on our journey to make D+ boobs look awesome!



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