How to get media exposure for your startup

Getting exposure for your startup is an important part of putting your brand out there. Exposure and word-of-mouth get people's attention, the endorsement gains the trust of potential customers - and, importantly for a new business, they're free.

Nick Smith is the founder of Steam Machine brewing company, funded by Virgin StartUp, it's the North East's first craft beer keg brewery. The biggest challenge facing his startup is product visibility; watch the video below to see what advice Jimmy Cregan, Sir Brian Souter, and Sir Richard Branson have for him on this subject.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin

"Try and to fun things to get on the front pages of your newspapers. Just come up with any inventive idea to try and put your business on the map!"

Jimmy Cregan, founder of Jimmy's Iced Coffee

"Post regularly, and post awesome stuff. Get out there physically, get people sampling your product, then use social media to amplify this."

Sir Brian Souter, founder of Stagecoach

"The key to getting great exposure is having a great idea and a great story, and getting people to write about it. Nowadays social media is the best way to do this - make a splash!"