How to get your business noticed

One of the biggest challenges for any new business is getting people talking about your product. With social media and the internet it’s never been easier – yet at the same time, how can you cut through the noise and stand out?

At our last meetup we gathered three entrepreneurs who’ve all mastered the art of getting noticed – Lee Thompson of The Flash Pack, Rob Manley of Illuminated Apparel, and Jada Sezer of upcoming plus-size clothing range Sezer. Below is a little more about each business, and the top tips from the evening to get your business out there.

The Flash Pack is a boutique travel agency providing amazing experiences for thirty-somethings who want to see the world with like-minded travellers, but who’d rather do it with a bit of comfort and style. They were catapulted to fame when co-founder Lee took one of the most viral photos of all time.

Jada Sezer is a plus-size model who isn’t afraid to challenge diversity in the fashion world and spread the message of body-positivity. She has an incredible Instagram following and will shortly be launching a plus-size fashion range.

Illuminated Apparel create amazing glow-in-the-dark t-shirts, and gained huge popularity after appearing on the Christmas special of The Gadget Show – since then their innovative product has been gaining more and more attention.

Getting in the press

"I believe that every startup business has a good news story to tell - find yours & let newspapers know about it" – Lee

"News sites are desperate for free content - we got lead story on Mail Online with a photo feature on plane views" - Lee

"Make sure that your pics and content link back to your site, otherwise it's useless" - Lee

"If you think about the business you're starting, there's always an angle you can use if you approach it creatively" – Lee

Making social work for you

"Instagram was a great place for me to start. Even if fashion rejected me I could put out the content I wanted to" - Jada

"I could show that at a size 16 you could still be represented by a big agency - you could break down those barriers" - Jada

"Link to your other platforms from Instagram - I post on snapchat and redirect people to the other platforms I'm on" - Jada

"My message is about diversity & inclusion - it's the core of what my brand is about. What sets you apart from others” - Jada

"Think of the big picture, share behind the scenes - promote like-minded people & things, such as what you read" – Jada

Establishing demand

"I saw there was a buzz on crowdfunding where I got the original funding. It validated my idea & showed me demand" – Rob

"Through Instagram I proved to a modelling agency that there was a market for models like me" - Jada

"Customer feedback is key: it's taught me my product is popular with children, when we aimed it at festival-goers" – Rob

The importance of keeping going

"Don't feel bad if TV ops fall through - it's the producer's job to find all the best ideas, you won't be picked every time" – Rob

"I could have quit several times but there's always that chance you could get it right - if you believe, keep going" - Rob

"Instinct plays a huge part - if you know your business is good you'll keep going, even if people tell you otherwise" - Lee

"I have an inspiration board that I look at every morning that reminds me of why I'm doing what I am & where I want to be” - Jada

"I quit my job and moved back home to start up & putting myself into that now-or-never situation was helpful” - Rob

Listening to your customers

"If things are going to be late you have to let people know - I promised products would arrive for Christmas" - Rob

"Turn negative comments into a conversation - even criticism is feedback & can highlight what you can do better" - Jada

"If people are saying negative things it often means they're just jealous" - Lee

"It's important to capture data such as email addresses when people visit site - send newsletters, engage people" - Lee

"If people have bought your product once, they're interested - capitalise on this" - Rob

Other tips

"Sometimes you can talk yourself out of ideas - do everything as soon as you can, so you don't put it off until tomorrow"- Jada

"If you're pushing a great product & brand people will start to come to you. People will be attracted by your message" - Jada

"I once sent a sales email to someone in an unrelated department because I knew they'd have every email in the company" - Rob

"Mentors help you focus - they have the industry experience to give you a new perspective" - Jada

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