How to handle mumpreneur life - Zara Cakes

Balancing running your own business with raising a family is no mean feat. Zara Neilds is a Virgin StartUp ambassador, the founder of Zara Cakes - a Prestwich-based cake business that creates amazing cakes for every occasion - and a single mum of two. In her latest blog for us she talks about how she manages to juggle both sides of her life.

My son Jacob is nine years old, smart, handsome, caring, and a businessman in the making. My daughter Belle is six years old, beautiful inside and out, affectionate, and has the most wonderful creative mind. And I have a third baby - my thriving cake business, Zara Cakes!
A normal day starts for me at around 6am, when I get tidying the house, coffee, washing, then answering emails. By eight am we leave for school, and I’m in work for nine. I collect the kids from afterschool club (which they absolutely love!) around six. Sort dinner, bath, bed, and then I usually work for a few more hours.  It’s demanding and can drain the life out of you!

For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling the pressure of being a mum and running my own business. At the best of times it can be hard, but the six week summer holidays make it even harder, both physically and mentally. Being an entrepreneur requires a huge amount of time and commitment - it’s not your typical 9-5 job.

zara kids

I do find it difficult not to compare myself to others, scrolling through Instagram and feeling envious of parents spending quality time with their children. Which is the right way to raise your kids? Staying at home spending most of your time with them, or going to work? I started a business when I was on maternity leave with Belle,  and I’m a self-confessed workaholic. I’ve decided to be a working mum - I find it interesting and stimulating and it’s a huge part of me. What really is the “perfect” mother? Well, my plan is to keep making them proud, providing them with a good quality of life and being a good role model.

I understand that we all make our own choices, but being a mum shouldn’t set you back! I include my children in my business - we're all directors. Jake and Belle have been spending a lot of time at my shop. They do small jobs for me, and I pay them pocket money in return.  We deliver together and then afterwards I'll treat us to dinner. Belle is already talking about taking over the business once she’s left school, telling me that Zara Cakes will one day be “Bella Cakes”!

In my previous blog I talk about setting goals. Well, this month I’ve achieved one of mine: every Sunday is now a family day. My children are my inspiration, and I do all of this for them. They're proud of me, and I'm proud to call myself a mumpreneur!

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