Packaging can say a lot more about your brand identity than many companies may initially think. We spoke to Elita Peters of CookiePhat – a cosmetics startup that specialises in vegan, organic, nutrient-rich products – and found out how the company’s packaging is an extension of the brand itself.

Our Story

Suffering with multiple allergies and intolerances since childhood, at some point, it became apparent that cosmetic products had the ability to significantly impact my health. Once I began researching the ingredients listed on the back of cosmetic products, I soon discovered that many of them are not health friendly.

These products were difficult to avoid, as there were an extremely limited amount of natural options available on the UK market. By this, I mean products that do not contain any allergens or toxic/carcinogenic ingredients, while still being of premium quality.

And so my journey began into researching, experimenting and developing nutrient-rich products that could be used on my own skin. Not only was I determined to make products that caused no ill effects, I was also striving for cosmetics that were actually supportive of health. 

Through CookiePhat, I am able to passionately support the betterment of public health by increasing awareness, while providing safe and healthy cosmetic options that really work.

What’s In A Name?

We believe that everything you put on your skin should be safe enough to ingest without any toxic or poisonous side effects. Like a cookie!

This means that we have a strict policy regarding the ingredients we do not tolerate, such as animal products, parabens, silicones, petrolatum, harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes or anything else that’s bad for you. 

No Exterior Packaging

We are always seeking ways to be respectful of our environment and we take pride in being as green as possible. Ultimately, it is our vision and what we stand for that shapes our choices regarding our ingredients and packaging.

Since 98% of the time external box packaging is discarded almost immediately, we made a conscious decision to prevent waste and not to use any.

Respect The Environment

You will notice that our deluxe glass bottles and jars are accompanied by beautiful oak lids. More than simply an aesthetic choice, we consciously choose to avoid plastics as much as possible. This prevents our customers from absorbing harmful toxins that seep into cosmetics stored in plastic containers. More than this, glass promotes the preservation of nutrients when used as a container. Made of a naturally abundant material (sand), glass is repeatedly recyclable and is therefore a great all-around choice when taking the environment into consideration.

Concerning deliveries, we use an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap. This can be reused, easily recycled and is also biodegradable. We have received many positive messages from our customers and we are very proud to use ingredients and packaging that are eco-friendly and 100% vegan.

Don’t Settle, Don’t Procrastinate

Finding the right packaging can be more time-consuming than expected. However, it was important for us to explore our options until we were satisfied. We spent a lot of time researching and speaking with different packaging wholesalers, but perseverance was integral to us finding the luxury, non-toxic, locally sourced packaging that we wanted. And yes, it was absolutely worth it.

We believe it is important to identify with the packaging of your brand. It should be authentic to you and feel right. After all, if you are not drawn to it then why should anyone else be?

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