How I market my business with Facebook

Different businesses are suited to different ways of marketing, and discovering the platforms and approaches that work for you can be a eureka moment when it comes to getting your product out there successfully.

For Virgin StartUp business Designer Bear Boutique, founded by Lindsey Ahmet, Facebook has been the tool that helped launch her business and which helps her connect with new and existing customers. Creating unique keepsake gifts out of outgrown blankets and babygros, Linsey has established a buzzing Facebook community around her business. Here’s how Lindsey uses Facebook to market her business.

“Facebook is where it all started for me.  My target market is the mums of Facebook.  We get a lot of engagement on Twitter from other mumpreneurs, and a lot of likes on Instagram - but our sales come from Facebook in the evening. After the kids have gone to bed, the mums start to enquire!

Getting started

I got started with Facebook marketing completely by chance. I started making keepsakes for my baby boy, and my friends loved them and wanted things making for them. The next thing I know, word spread and I was in demand! I started sharing my work on my Facebook page and in some Facebook groups.

To increase the impact, we then trialled different paid methods, experimenting with promoting the page and the website, and then with boosting our posts. We discovered that the boosts work the best for us as it’s our work that gets us business, not our name or page.

Building up a community

To build up an engaged Facebook community, you should keep things relevant to your market, but don’t just promote yourself -  include shareable content that’s not always about your products. For example, I share a lot about safety for children and babies. I get good engagement and also feel like I'm doing my part.

I always ask for reviews from my customers and share them on my page, and I find my customers will also comment when I post their finished items to thank me too! More than anything, be yourself. I am me on Facebook, the mum who makes keepsakes…and this sits well with my audience.

Know if it’s right for your business

Personal businesses do well on Facebook because most share their lives on there. Consumer products tend to do better than B2B, but it's different for every business - it's more about trying out your market and finding what works best for you.

Facebook is especially great for me as it acts like my sales and communication platform. I can communicate with my customers with ease, and they prefer to either comment on a post or send my page a message.

Paying for advertising

When it comes to paying for Facebook advertising, it’s all about finding what works for you. Spreading your budget has worked well for us; as we post every product we make, it means we can boost these posts for £10 a time and reach in the region of 8000 to 10000 people. My advice would be to test the different options and look at the results you get. This will give you a good indicator of what is going to work for your business. It’s also crucial to establish what you want from your audience – do you want the advertising to result in likes to your page, visits to your website, or purchases?

A great Facebook page

The best Facebook pages are personal, but relevant. Not personal as in all about you as the owner, but personal to your market and customer – know what they want to see. With us everything is geared to mums and children, so we don't post about the Kardashians, for example!”

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