How I run my business: Stephen Rose

Stephen Rose is the founder of Light Planning Techniques, a company specialising in electrical light solutions.  With over thirty years experience in this industry, including a spell as a Board Director for a leading company, he now runs his own business - and shares the many lessons he's learnt with our startups as a Virgin StartUp mentor. Here's how Stephen runs his business.

What’s your elevator pitch?

A smile, a firm handshake, and an assurance that if it’s anything to do with lighting, I’m THE one-stop solution.  

Current computers:

DELL desktop, DELL laptop

Current mobile device:

HTC Mini 2

One word that best describes the way you do business:


What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

MS Office

What’s your workspace like?

Clear cream VITSOE desk, with a sunny outlook over heathland.  

How do you make sure you achieve your goals each day?

I make a list from, which any unfulfilled items are brought forward.

What is the main personality trait that’s helped you to be successful and why?

A sense of humour. A sense of urgency. A focus on profit. A successful organisation can’t survive without a mix of these.

What book/magazine/blog would you recommend people to read, and why?  

The A to Z of Industrial Sales. Also Wired magazine. Both of these have been invaluable in providing two takes on the B2B world.  

What’s the secret to collaborating with brands and other businesses? 

A conviction that it’s right, and open, regular communication with customers and the owners of the brands and businesses.  

Who’s your hero and why?

Sir Ernest Harrison, bcause he founded RACAL (became Vodafone) having spotted a massive global opportunity, and returned huge value to his shareholders.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Never give up the focus on profit.

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