The difference £5,000 would make to my business: Igor Rubets, BoxHug

Meet Igor Rubets founder of Boxhug and #Pitch2Rich semi-finalist. He’s competing for the opportunity to pitch his business idea to Richard Branson and win £5,000 investment to grow his start-up. You can vote for him to win, here. In this blog, Igor explains what difference £5,000 would make to his business. This is the average amount entrepreneurs ask for when they come to Virgin StartUp for funding.

Hello, I am Igor from Derby and my early stage startup is After a few months of hard work, determination and persistent app development, our team successfully launched the service to the public a few weeks ago.

Boxhug is a professional, hassle-free storage, by the box and same-day delivery. Allowing you to store as little, or as much as you need. We strive to develop a groundbreaking space management service that would make it a breeze to store and manage your items online from where you are - at home, office or on the move.

Every new startup needs some sort of financial support, mentorship and advice from the early stages when the actual idea is created. That support is not just financial, but also the time and contribution of the whole team and other people that are involved in the project to bring the idea into the reality. We believe that people are the main asset of any company in the world and that’s what differentiates you from your competitor and makes your business succeed and standout in the crowd. Building a good team is difficult, building a great one is super tough, it takes time and great effort to accomplish that, but when you have your best team in the world, anything is possible. It is a simple principle for me - nourish and look after your team and they will look after your business and most of all your customers.

We are a technology company and all our strength and unique qualities are in people. Knowledge, expertise and know-how is a vital part of our startup. As we believe in continuous innovation in order to be creative, fresh and original, you have to be on top of your game with superior skills and knowledge, regularly challenge yourself and your beliefs in order to create unique products and services as a result. To achieve that, it requires regular training to always improve your skills and knowledge and not to fall behind in such a fast-paced digital age. We like to use technology to solve everyday problems.

Winning Pitch2Rich competition will make a massive difference to our startup. It has already helped us greatly, but winning it would provide a huge morale boost to our team. We want to invest in people, so money from the competition would be spent on getting a much needed training and professional advice, specifically in marketing and customer acquisition management, which should allow us to finally get out of startup mode and grow our business. Following that we would raise the quality of our app even higher by using an invaluable feedback from our amazing customers, businesses and general public. All additional advice, support and mentorship from Sir Richard Branson and Britain’s most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs would be priceless. That would help us to achieve our goals much faster, identify and fix our weaknesses much easier and most importantly help to improve and take Boxhug app to next level for you.

We love technology, especially the technology that simplifies, improves and changes people’s life! Vote for us and we promise that you will never have to visit a storage unit again, and everyone would get a hug. I would like to see my team to win, they deserve it so much after all the hard work and dedication they have put into Thank your for your support!

Best Wishes, Igor!