How to make sure your start-up is innovative

It‘s absolutely vital that startups innovate. In fact it’s more than that, it’s a matter of life and death. 

Businesses that survive and thrive are the ones that are leading the pack, constantly changing and modifying to protect themselves from staleness.  If a startup sits still for too long, then it becomes irrelevant and dies - a big reason why 8 out of 10 startups fail within the first 18 months.

Being able to offer what customers want at speed is a skill only small and nimble businesses have in their locker. Big businesses are generally slow and this sluggishness is the chink in their armour that cash can’t cover. Innovation is the weapon startups use to fight for a market share from the corporate giants.

So just how can startups make sure they are pushing boundaries, disrupting the status quo and driving innovation forward?  We asked some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs – including Holly Tucker, co-founder of, Peter Williams, co-founder of iconic fashion brand Jack Wills and a bunch of smart entrepreneurs who have recently launched awesome small businesses