Winning awards can be a huge boost for your business - not only is it a milestone for you as the founder, but it's also an endorsement of your product or service and its quality.

Deborah Todd is the founder of ZAAZEE, receiving a Start Up Loan from Virgin StartUp in 2014. Since launch they have won multiple awards; here she chats about how these awards has helped establish ZAAZEE as both a fan and industry favourite.

ZAAZEE win Gold in the Women's Runing Magazine Awards 2016

The ZAAZEE journey so far

Since launching in 2014, ZAAZEE has gone from strength to strength. 

We set out to empower women of all ages to get fit, and look great while working out, and it's been great to see so many fabulous women buying into our brand and our values. Our activewear is designed to transcend the seasons and last, and we have retained lots of customers thanks to our quality pieces that feature advanced technical fabrics.

We are constantly innovating with new styles, new fabrics and new products which we feel are different and will appeal to our loyal customer base and attract future customers. Our constant and consistent attention to detail has helped us to secure the Apparel Brand of the Year award by Women's Running magazine this year. 24,000 people voted in the awards, so we are incredibly proud that so many women have taken time to vote for us. 

How have awards and prizes featured in your journey, and what has been the most significant win?

We’ve now won four awards. Three from Women's Running magazine; two for products (our ERIN top won GOLD in 2016, and our ZARA capris won silver in 2015) and we were shortlisted for Brand of the Year in 2016, and most recently, Brand Apparel of the Year 2017. (Perhaps we should enter more?)

What is the benefit of winning an award or prize?

We continue to grow in confidence that the products we are making are award-winning in the design, the quality, the value and that people enjoy wearing our products. 

How do you decide which ones to enter, or are you automatically nominated? 

We chose to enter awards based on our strongest products, and how unique they are. But the Apparel Brand of the Year accolade was voted for by customers, friends of customers and people who support the brand, which is truly amazing!

Are awards part of your marketing strategy or just a lucky bonus?

I think awards are great, as they are a celebration of your hard work. It’s nice to be able to share the award in our marketing strategy, but we enter because of the confidence in our products. 

Any tips for businesses who'd like to get validation/awareness for their business through awards?

There is a bit of work to do, as each awards schemes is different. We think we’ve been really lucky, and we are so honoured to share the good news with our customers!

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