How to market your startup with video: Shooting Reels

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to make your business stand out. With the attention spans of audiences challenged like never before, video allows you to make your point quickly and engagingly. And the great news is that, with the advent of smart phones and webcams, businesses of all sizes can get involved. Here are some top tips from Hereford-based video production company Shooting Reels on how to market your startup with video.

Whether it’s through email, on your website and social media post campaigns, one of the best ways to communicate with your targeted audience is through video content. Ask yourself: are you more likely to read a paragraph of text explaining a service or product, or will you watch the promotional video?

You have to provide interesting information (that relates to your business) to generate organic social media growth. You will generate leads with online marketing by providing regular, engaging, quality content and interacting with your customer base – and video is a great way to do this.

Producing your own video content

I think that it’s really important for startup companies to produce their own video content and share it on social media; not enough brands use video to communicate with their customers. Just simply using your mobile phone and posting short video clips of any interesting events or work going on in and out the offices on Twitter, for example, is great.

Facebook have recently launched a ‘Livestream’ feature that essentially enables your business to broadcast and interact with your followers at real-time online. They are even organically promoting this new feature at the moment, as your followers will be notified ‘... is now live. Click here to watch now.’ It is very exciting to see how the social media giants are adapting their platforms to encourage more video content interaction.

Of course to do this properly for a startup company (or any sized business), you will need to dedicate a certain amount of time to thinking of the message you want to communicate with your audience and the best way to get it across. I would recommend that you keep video clips short, simple and fun initially. If you share video content online on a regular (daily) basis you are essentially ‘Vlogging’ which is the video form of blogging. You will be ahead of your competitors if you can execute this successfully now.

What to film

Video is great for communicating key messages and the activities that your business is up to. The more consistently you do this, the better audience interaction you will generate online. Simply use your mobile phone to film and document what you are up to. Just make sure that your phone is filming landscape way ideally, not portrait, unless you are using Snapchat.

Video is great to build search engine optimisation online, and channelling traffic from one social media platform to another - and most importantly, channelling traffic to your website. Statistics prove that you have a greater ROI (return on investment) with video marketing, including longer website visits, higher listings on Google, better recall, and improved conversion rates.

Tips for using video

How to use video depends on the brand itself and what you are promoting - a product, event or service. Break down the initial aims of that video, and naturally you will develop engaging content. Shooting Reels’ ‘Secret’ blueprint online video marketing strategy involves the following delivery:

Shorter, professionally produced videos, have more of an impact on social media, as they grab the audience’s attention.  A 15 second video almost acts as a trailer, can create quite a bit of buzz, and can leave your audience wanting more information!

From that video - which may be on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a Facebook post - we then direct the viewer to an extended version of the video via a YouTube link. That YouTube video is more informative in delivering the key messages.

The film equipment used can make the difference in capturing great high quality footage, but the real difference in a producing a high-quality and engaging video really comes down the skill and work in the edit and post production.

Producing a video that your target audience can relate to and enjoy is really important. Incorporating humour, the unbelievable, sexy and imaginative concepts to convey the key message of the promotional video are important ingredients if our client wants a successful video to go ‘viral’ online.

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