How to sell smarter than your competitors: SkinSincere


An important part of selling is always being on top of what your competitors are doing, and always striving to provide an experience that’s better (or different). This helps you stand out and keeps you on top of trends in your industry.

Gemma Allies is the founder of SkinSincere, an all-natural, paraben-free skincare brand. The beauty and skincare industry is a massive one – so how can you ensure you’re selling better than your competitors? Here are Gemma’s tips.


Do you keep an eye on what your competitors are doing?

Absolutely – I think I would be ignorant not to! It’s important to see what is happening in the industry and what other people are offering that we’re perhaps not. It helps us better serve our customers, and also enables me to differentiate SkinSincere from the crowd.


How to sell better than your competitors 2 - SkinSincere


Skincare is a crowded market – what are the things that make you unique?

It is possibly one of the most crowded markets, but also one of the biggest. The target market is potentially all women, and some men – so there is massive opportunity! I think being a natural, organic, parabens-free brand, SkinSincere stands out, as we are still very much in the minority.  Also other benefits such as being 100% cruelty-free, UK-manufactured and offering highly personalised customer service appeals to a growing market of customers.


Do you ever work with competitor brands?

I haven’t yet, but that doesn’t mean that I am opposed to it. I believe the key to success is collaboration, rather than competition. 


What are the key things you focus on to provide a superior experience for customers?

We strive to make each customer feel valued and special.  I spend a great deal of time answering people’s questions and queries and determining which products would best suit their skin type. I think by demonstrating product knowledge and interest in the individual sets us apart from many other skincare brands.

We also offer up to 3 free samples per customer, allowing them to feel confident in their purchase before parting with their money.  I believe this helps to build customer trust and loyalty. In terms of presentation, we are very meticulous and ensure each order is carefully prepared and packed, so our customers will feel pampered and special when their delivery arrives.


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Do you ever specifically react to something competitors are doing?

No – we try and stick to what works best for us. Obviously our prices reflect what is fair and reasonable in the marketplace, and as a new and evolving brand, we adapt to what there is demand for, but we don’t try to directly compete on price or special offers.


What do you think is key to holding your own in a busy market?

I would say knowing what your brands key selling points are, understanding the features and benefits of your products, and offering a superior level of customer service.  Part of the challenge I think most businesses face is staying true to this, and not losing these offerings as the business continues to steadily grow.


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