We're thrilled to now offer startup funding to Scotland. Sir Brian Souter, founder of Stagecoach, Gurjit Singh Lalli, founder of TEDx Glasgow, and Margaret Coughtrie of Investing Women share their reasons why they think Scotland is a great place to start a business.


Gurjit Singh Lall, founder of TEDxGlasgow

"I think its one of the best places in the world to start a business, and I’ve travelled all over the world. Theres so much support, a economy, and a safe environment. There are about 600 organisations that support entrepreneurs in Scotland, loads of funding, lots of mentoring, and even free office space.”

"You need to find something you enjoy, because you’ll end up doing it 120 hours a week – and that’s if it’s part-time! You’ve got to go through that process of finding what you really love to do in life, and build a business around it."

"You can live well, make money, and still do good. It should be critical that doing good is embedded in your startup, even if it adds another layer of complexity."

Margaret Coughtrie, Investing Women

"For 25 years the Scottish government has been investing in the startup space, so there’s a real depth and maturity to the support."

"There’s a lot of respect for the Scots around the world, and we’re known as an entrepreneurial nation."

"To have sales that are exported is a big initiative with the Scottish government – it’s an area that the government is focussing on."

Sir Brian Souter, Stagecoach

"You can get access to really good people without having to pay ridiculous prices, and it’s easier to get people to buy into your idea in Scotland – that’s why we’ve done a lot of our experimental and startup things here."

"I like to do business in countries that are not overpopulated with entrepreneurs – if you’ve got a really good idea someone’s copied it in two minutes. So I like these countries where if you’re an entrepreneur you’re not going to get someone copying your idea straight away."

"On the digital front there are some exciting businesses in Scotland. We do well in the transportation industry, and we’ve always been quite good at the science thing. Biotech is another area we’re good at historically."


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