Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep customers updated and engaged about what's going on with your business. There are tools you can use to help manage your marketing - or you can do it yourself. Abiola Bello is the co-founder of The Author School, a business providing guidance and support for aspiring authors. Here is how The Author School's email marketing approach has evolved!

The Author School Workshop - Virgin Startup

What do you use as your key email marketing tool?

We initially used Mailchimp to send our our newsletters. I love how creative and easy Mailchimp is to use. It's such a fun site to play around with and I always know that the newsletters will look amazing. However, we weren't getting the results we wanted - so we decided to try something else.

What do you use for email marketing now and why?

We now send newsletters in a personal email, straight from our accounts. Before, I just found that people weren't opening the email for some reason. However, when I send a newsletter in a personal email it gets more attention, maybe because it looks personal? I found that they were read and answered too, so the engagement is higher.

What do you put in your newsletters?

New classes, our speaker line-up, any discounts or offers. Sometimes it's just to find out how everyone is getting on with their book and how we can help! It's not all about selling, it's also about connecting with your customers and providing that personal touch.

Have you done a lot of newsletter experimentation?

When I was using Mailchimp I played around with using eye-catching images and short yet effective content, but then I realised our subscribers wanted all of the information in one go. So much content can look too busy on a Mailchimp newsletter, but it doesn't if you write it in an email.

What is the impact you've seen on your email marketing?

I have found that people actually respond back to our emails and every week we get more authors signing up to our mailing list. It definitely is an effective way for us to share about new classes and projects.

How do you build your mailing list?

When people use one of our services we add them to the mailing list, or they just sign-up via our website if they're interested in learning more.

Any other tips?

Be consistent with your mailing list. Make sure you give them an insight, or check in with them at least once a month.


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