Introducing: Mentor Mondays

Having a mentor is an invaluable advantage when you’re starting your own business. From sharing their business mistakes with you (so you don’t have to make them) to helping you forge invaluable connections, having someone around with more experience can really make a difference to your business getting off the ground.

We're incredibly proud of our mentoring programme at Virgin Startup as it puts those starting out in touch with the right mentor for them, thanks to an innovative matching system (based on online dating algorithms!) We don't just offer loans; we believe that mentoring is just as valuable.

Which is why we’re so excited about Mentor Mondays – the new webseries that will provide bite-sized chunks of knowledge from business owners in a variety of industries.

To kick the series off, Richard Branson talks about how his own mentor was integral to Virgin Atlantic’s success – Sir Freddie Laker, an aviation entrepreneur.

Every Monday morning a new video will be released, helping kick off your week on a motivational and entrepreneurial note. So tune in to hear words of wisdom from entrepreneurs in all kinds of fields, get inspired, and make your business bigger and better than ever before.