Mentor Mondays: Annabel Karmel


Mentor Mondays is a series that allows anyone to access nuggets of wisdom from top entrepreneurs. Mentoring can make a huge difference to your business; so get your Mondays off to the right start with inspiring words from some of the world's top entrepreneurs.

Today's advice comes from Annabel Karmel MBE, the UK's best-selling parenting author and the leading expert on child nutrition for decades. In the video below she talks about what makes an entrepreneur.

"Since launching my first book 125 years ago, I've written 40 books and I've become the UK's number one parenting author. Entrepreneurship isn't a part-time job, and it isn't a full-time job - it's a lifestyle. You must love what you do and you must have a passion for it. Sometimes confidence is just as important as competence. What I did was fund a niche. People think that to be an entrepreneur you have to create something new, but no - sometimes you just have to do something better than anyone else."