Mentor Mondays: Anthony Fletcher, CEO of Graze

Anthony Fletcher is the CEO of Graze, the company that revolutionised snacking by delivering healthy, customisable nibbles right to customers' doors. In this week's Mentor Monday video he talks about the importance of pivoting, learning what your customers want, and responding to that information - fast!

"Graze actually shipped its first box of snacks the day Lehman Brothers collapsed – not the most auspicious day to launch! But we were really positive and we wanted to focus on delivering really healthy snacks to office workers, our original idea," says Anthony.

"It’s important to remember that things didn’t; take off for us at first – the product just wasn't right. But the advantage of being a tech business is that we got a lot of feedback from our business and a lot of data – this helped us figure out what we were and weren't doing right, and adapt quickly.

"One piece of advice to bear in mind is that the first idea you might have, even though you might be really passionate about it, might not be right. You’ve got to be agile, you’ve got to be quick, and you’ve got to listen to your customers. You’ve got to be quite resilient, ready to move onto Plan B, Plan C, or even Plan D."

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