Mentor Monday: George Whitesides

Mentoring can be one of the most valuable resources for an aspiring entrepreneur, allowing them to benefit from the wisdom of someone who's been there and done it before. Which is why Mentor Mondays - the series that allows anyone to access bite-sized advice from a wide variety of entrepreneurs - is so great.

The latest nugget of wisdom comes from Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides.

"I got my start in the space career after I got out of college and decided I wanted to spend my career in space, so I joined a company called Orbital Science Solutioons. My career didn't take off until a few years after, when someone called me out of the blue to run an organisation called the National Space Society, an organisation dedicated to getting people more excited about space.

My advice to an aspiring entrepreneur would be to get out there and talk to people. Talk to as any people as you can, have lunch with people, ask for informational interviews with people you admire. Really building this network can lead to fortuitous coincidences where people will think of you and help you out."

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