Mentor Mondays – Jacqueline Gold

Mentoring is a vital part of developing your business. Learning from those who’ve been in your position before can help take your business to the next level quicker, guiding you around common mistakes.

We’re not all lucky enough to have access to mentors; however, with’s new series Mentor Mondays, we can all gain a bit of business wisdom from those who’ve been there and done it already. Whatever your industry, there are lessons to be learned that are relevant to every business.

Today’s nugget of knowledge comes from Jacqueline Gold, the CEO of legendary company Ann Summers and a true trailblazer. Here’s her advice.

“After joining the company and starting out by placing adverts in the Evening Standard for staff, recruiting them at events,  a real turning point for my business was making the decision that it would be for women only.

My most important piece of advice is to have courage. My three most courageous moments are:

-  Taking my idea to the board and having someone tell me that it wasn’t going to work because women weren’t interested in sex – my customers have proved that wrong!

- Taking part in my first conference in front of 400 women

- Doing my first Ann Summers party.

All of these were very challenging for me but I couldn’t have done that unless I had the courage and the confidence to step outside my comfort zone.”

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