Mentor Mondays - Jamie Dunn

Ask any entrepreneur about one of the most crucial elements to achieving success, and you'll hear "Mentoring, mentoring, mentoring" again and again.

Learning from those in the industry who've been in your shoes is a sure-fire way to advance more quickly than doing it yourself, making unnecessary mistakes along the way. Our Virgin StartUp mentoring programme matches fledgling entrepreneurs with the perfect mentors for them, because we know the importance of a helping hand to making it in business.

Now, thanks to the new Virgin series Mentor Mondays, we can all learn from top entrepreneurs all over the world. Providing us with a nugget of entrepreneurial wisdom every Monday, when we tend to need it most, the series is a quick way to get some inspiration into your day - and to learn. This week's Mentor Monday comes from Jamie Dunn of Spark Global Education.

"At Spark Global Education we deal with innovative projects involved in education globally. I started out on market stalls, where I started to develop my entrepreneurial flair - and since then we've grown to operate in 25 countries around the world.

My business really started to take off when I was 17 years old, and I got my first ever order from a national client. From there, people started to find out a bit more about my business and me, I got more media opportunities, and my business grew.

My first piece of advice is that passion is important. Don't enter an industry that you're not passionate about, because you're going to be doing this business every single day, more than you would a nine to five - so make sure you absolutely love it.

My second piece of advice is to have a vision. Set yourself goals, set yourself targets, and make sure that you're always on track to achieving these."

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