If you look back at the common thread that unites entrepreneurs, you’ll find again and again that it comes down to the advice they’ve gotten from others who’ve been there before. It’s the magic of mentoring that’s compelled them to improve, given them the support they need to reach and reach, and to achieve business success in whatever field they’ve chosen.

Not everyone has access to mentors – but thanks to the new series by Virgin.com, Mentor Mondays, everyone can start their Mondays off with a couple of minutes of wisdom from entrepreneurs in all industries and at various stages of their business.

Today’s inspirational boost comes from Jessica Ball of Yours Sustainably, a business selling ethically-sourced gifts and accessories. Jessica is also a Virgin Media Pioneer, a member of Virgin Media’s not-for-profit entrepreneur community.

“I think the constant support that we receive really keeps us going on the path and business journey we’re on. My advice to a budding entrepreneur would be to find something you’re really passionate about, because things don’t always happen as quickly as you’d like them to - but that passion keeps you going on.”