Mentor Mondays: Lily Rice

Mentoring is a vital part of reaching your startup’s potential. Having a mentor can help clue you up on the mistakes you might make before you make them, can keep you motivated and inspired, and can help you look at your business from a different angle. But  finding the right mentor can be tricky. However, thanks to’s new series, Mentor Mondays, all businesses can access business advice from entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries and at different stages.

Today’s Mentor Monday video comes from Lily Rice of Lexie Sport, a woman’s sportswear company whose designs don’t compromise on style. She is one of the first businesses that Virgin StartUp has funded, and since receiving her loan she’s been featured in Vogue, collaborated on a campaign with Virgin Active, and much more. In the video below she talks about how mentoring has been

“Lexie Sport is a woman’s sportswear company whose clothing doesn’t compromise on style,” says Lily. “We started in 2013, and what really helped us was a Virgin StartUp loan. We applied mainly because we needed an injection of cash to start up, but what really helped was the mentor we got with it, so that’s been incredible for the business. My main piece of advice I would give to a budding entrepreneur is to get as much help as you can at the beginning - if you can get a mentor, definitely go for it.”