Mentor Mondays - Renaud Visage of Eventbrite

Every business can learn from entrepreneurs who've been there and done it before - which is why Mentor Mondays,'s series providing nuggets of advice from entrepreneurs in a variety of fields, is so valuable. Today's advice comes from Renaud Visage of Eventbrite, a leading website for SMEs to organise events.

"Eventbrite is the largest online marketplace for live experiences, and we sell tickets for a wide variety of events. We launched a website, created a great product that's easy to use and was really simple to start with, catering to the small and medium sized businesses. We had this great viral marketing loop built into our product from the get go – organisers would invite a lot of people, and they would interact with our site, buy tickets online,  and think about us the next time they wanted to organise an event. We wee the first toprovide this techmology and took off within 6 months of our launch. My main piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs is to stay curious and keep thinking about the solutions you'll bring to the market."

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