Mentor Mondays: Rob Love, Crowdfunder

Two vital aspects of starting a business are validating your business idea, and funding your business. While there are many different ways to do both these things, there's a rapidly-growing game-changer that covers both of them - crowdfunding. With crowdfunding, anyone can now share an idea with the world and see if people will put their money where their mouth is. Rob Love is the co-founder of Crowdfunder UK, a crowdfunding platform that can help people make their business a reality. Watch the video below for his advice on getting started as an entrepreneur.

"As an entrepreneur, crowdfunding is the most exciting thing you can possibly do," says Rob. "When you have a good idea, put it on crowdfunder and you can see if it has any legs at all. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for us to turn massive amounts of ideas into reality.

"It started from the first project we had on the site. Someone wanted to raise 40,000 – they put their project up, and six days later they’d raised the money. No banks - just people power.

"The best thing you can do as an entrepreneur is not worry about making any money or thinking about when you should take the exit strategy – it’s all about being passionate about what you believe in, and doing the best job you can."

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